Cornerstone cobra articles prepare for change

We will be lacking for words, we will walk around in utter amazement when we receive the news via mainstream media that all wars on this planet have ceased and all weapons have been put aside. It will take some time to sink in but after eons of enslavement, eons of feeling lost in a wilderness we will finally see beyond the veil that has been clouding our vision of reality for so long.

We will finally be free to allow the truth of our being to bloom, free to develop and express the true sovereign beings we are.

cornerstone cobra articles prepare for change

I hope that we ban fireworks or at least any that sound like bombs etc. On that note if you have knowledge of some positive method of healing please know that your assistance in this area will be very much needed and appreciated.

There will be so many souls needing help to release trauma, programming etc. Who Is Cobra? He is the authorized voice of the Resistance Movement and evidence of his work will be provided through mainstream media after The Event. The first time that I read a posting there I knew inherently that this person truly knows exactly what he is talking about — a voice of authority that touched my heart.

When he told us that he would be holding conferences to give more details about the liberation I quickly decided to attend one and met him and his beloved Isis in Nov.

He was aware of my website Veritas Galactic Sweden and he encouraged me to continue writing. After the conf. I immediately got to work writing about The Event combining all of the Resistance Movement info from Cobra with channeled information from Archangel Michael that I knew to be totally reliable.

Here is the link to that article. For those that would like to read more about Cobra this page on my website might interest you. If you happen to be a new reader and have no prior knowledge of this subject you might be thinking right now that this woman needs her head examined, how could anyone in their right mind believe that there will soon be overnight peace on earth when the world seems crazier than ever right now?

New Atlantis is a project of the Light forces that is already ongoing for millennia. Saint Germain is one of the main beings working on this project. He has revealed parts of this project to humanity in his incarnation as Francis Bacon in a novel called New Atlantis, where he described a utopian society based on meritocracy.

cornerstone cobra articles prepare for change

In his next incarnation as Comte de Saint Germain he attempted to co-create a new Society in America by assisting in the independence of the USA and by being the main spiritual force behind the Constitution.

The planetary energy grid of New Atlantis is namely the energy tool that will manifest the Compression Breakthrough, the Event and the New Society. Cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools in manifesting that aim. When the critical mass of those angelic beings are anchored around the planet, the head of the Yaldabaoth entity will begin to dissolve…….

We will unite with one another and begin to co-create a new Golden Age on Gaia. We have all been affected by these powerful Galactic Waves of Love these past four or five years and we are transmuting, letting go of, healing, our burdens, wounds, belief systems, everything that has hurt us.

June 5th — Leader of the Archons Leaves Earth. He has crossed over to the Light and is now free-willingly assisting with the planetary liberation process. This arrest took place in Rome. He was the one that many members of the Cabal were worshipping in their distorted rituals, so now they are worshipping something that does not exist any longer.

Community Leaders Brief

I should add that should you decide to follow the progress of the Light Forces over the past four years — Present it will demand many hours of reading and a necessity to take breaks as it covers over four years of Cobra updates that are directly connected to the battle with the chimera.

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Realizing that they are going to lose, the Chimera have stepped up the plasma attacks on the key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that are beyond brutal. On Wednesday, the Light forces of the Galactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command have begun full force active removal of all plasma negativity near the surface of the planet. Now that the Cabal could not trigger World War 3 directly:.

A certain elite task force has begun removing key perpetrators of those crimes internationally. Now it is of the utmost importance for all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors to invoke and anchor the Light as much as humanly possible, although I am fully aware that we are tested beyond limits. Here is a very good and effective example of how to do this:.It is generally safe for browsing, so you may click any item to proceed to the site.

S Nov, Beautiful and holistic changes are occurring everywhere on Earth! All people are invited to Participate as a New Society is being born into the Light of Victory of the Light!

Come together to assist positive change in your area. Beautiful and holistic changes are occurring everywhere on Earth! All people are invited to Participate as a New Society is being Department: Energy Customer Services Vacancy type: Permanent Application deadline: Friday 9th December External applications: No Overview: We are looking for someone who is passionate about performing to our business targets, giving our members When she woke me up in the morning, instead of being loving and appreciative, I complained that I thought we were going to sleep for longer.

This follows a general My thoughts and professional guidance on writing career, translatio We live to the fullest in Ojai CA. Positioned one hour N Cornerstone Cobra Articles — Prepare for Change. Cobra has published great amounts of information on his blog portal. We have selected a few major articles, cornerstone of his information, for people who are new …. Newsletters — Prepare for Change.

David Wilcock: All right. And in this episode, we are going to get into the social and global implications Feedreader Observe. News Company.Do not consume fluoride in toothpaste, salt and if water, it blocks your 3rd eye - this is the so called mark of the beast, the calcified pineal glande. Do not consume mainstream food, it contains chemicals that are poisoning and unbalancing your system, as a guideline, no meat, no other animal products and go organic, so organic raw vegan is the best.

Negativity is not you, it is being stimulated by the matrix, they do not want you happy, because they like low vibrational energy as their food. Do meditation everyday 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening - the more the better, again just witness, no need to stop the thoughts in you.

Do not allow words, feelings or life situations to pollute your inner space of alert witnessing.

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You are the witnessing consciousness in which the phenomenal world of appearances come and go Nothing ever sticks. Posts Likes Archive. How to detoxify from the world 1. You are not negativity, nor the Source of it 2. Humans are naturally positive 3. Do not consume fluoride in toothpaste, salt and if water, it blocks your 3rd eye - this is the so called mark of the beast, the calcified pineal glande 4.

Become sensitive to your energy - be with the flow, rest more 7. Negativity is not you, it is being stimulated by the matrix, they do not want you happy, because they like low vibrational energy as their food 8. Do not believe this? The dark has lost, be happy every day, do not lose mindfulness Do meditation everyday 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening - the more the better, again just witness, no need to stop the thoughts in you Thank you for your time, lovely soul Victory of the Light!

Random truth Earth has the strongest duality and most darkness of all the planets in this universe. It is therefore the toughest planet to incarnate on and can be the most rewarding for the soul. Wow, i want to be there! Looking at the successful men, they see completely boring lives.By using our website, you are consenting to our use of cookies, as described in our privacy policy. You can change your cookie settings at any time. We get it. Cornerstone helps companies recruit, develop, manage, and engage their people.

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Cornerstone also helps people be their best at work with the right development and experiences. See live demonstrations and ask questions of our experts at a Cornerstone webinar. Roundup of our recent company announcements, awards, media coverage, and more. Speak to an expert who can walk you through the ways Cornerstone can benefit your specific situation. You need to get ready for what's next.

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Our employees now see a clear link between the company vision and their work. Empowering employees with a holistic approach to talent management "We want to provide a great talent experience for our people. The integrated suites help unleash the power of those working for RSM and makes our employees want to stick with us.

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Keep your people competitive and compliant. Fast track skill building with personalized learning. Build and manage a high-performance organization. Coach and continuously develop your people.You have been given this brief to help you understand what is happening now regarding the closure of the banking system.

We hope you will help maintain the calm and peace of your community during this short period of change. We encourage you to support those in positions of responsibility to help maintain the status quo in regard to the vital necessities of your local community.

We expect that food, water, electricity, internet, gasoline, transportation and phone service will not be disrupted during this banking system changeover. Furthermore, this community leader brief has been created to help you understand what is now transpiring around the world. The people giving you this brief are part of a worldwide network that is dedicated to a peaceful transition to a transparent, worldwide financial system.

Who do we represent and who is behind this process? What is happening and why are the banks closed? Your vital role in this process 4. Important suggestions to maintain peace for a harmonious change 5. How did we know this is happening now? Why is this happening?

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Evidence to be presented to the public 8. Time to act 9. Powerful leaders will fall Your right to question the truth of this brief is noted In conclusion.

Our group comprises intelligent, aware individuals from all segments of society. We are dedicated to nonviolent change. These honest patriots in the CIA, NSA, FBI, military, sheriff and police forces have counterparts around the world involved in a simultaneous sweep of financial criminals.

To summarize, there are large international multijurisdictional task forces who have uncovered large-scale corruption in the financial and political arenas and are now taking lawful actions to end this criminal behavior. Certain leaders of regional and national law enforcement agencies and police forces are aware of what is now taking place as well. We anticipate military presence to be deployed in the cities to help maintain the peace.

We anticipate broadcasts over the emergency broadcast network very soon to explain the situation, if they have not begun by the time you have received this document. What is happening now is a necessary financial reset of the global central banking system.

Why was Trump elected?

Unfortunately, this necessitates the closing of every computer tied into the central banks. This will leave the entire planet without access to cash, ATM machines, credit cards or stock markets. There will be no currency available other than what is already in circulation for a maximum time of possibly 2 weeks. The intent and plans of these lawful agencies in charge are hoping for is a best-case scenario of days for the banking system to be offline.

However, with so many variables at play, the exact time it will take to affect this changeover in reality is, at present, unknown. Some may panic due to no access to their money through normal channels.

Our contact with you and your leadership is vital, in order to maintain open and honest communication with those in your community, and with those community leaders who may not know what is happening, or who may not receive this brief soon enough. One of the most important actions we will ask you to do is monitor those local police forces that are unaware of what is happening. We ask that, above all, the police forces remain vigilant, proactive and refrain from violence.

cornerstone cobra articles prepare for change

Our group has been contacted and we have been asked to act as an informational network and infrastructure to support you in your appointed tasks, whatever they may be. We further ask that you provide these necessities to those in need by way of your local community infrastructure, such as a soup kitchen on school grounds, or distribution of clean drinking water.On your next view you will be asked to log in or create an account to continue reading.

On your next view you will be asked to log in to your subscriber account or create an account and subscribepurchase a subscription to continue reading.

In our Declaration of Independence, the founders claim the right to form our own government because it became "necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands" that tie them to another.

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Eagar Fire Chief Howard Carlson is interviewed by reporter Trisha Hendricks of Channel 12 News in Phoenix at the Arizona Wildfire Forum April 18.

EAGAR State Forester Scott Hunt co-hosted the Arizona Wildfire Forum on April 18 in Eagar along with the Arizona State Forestry Division, the Arizona Insurance Council and the Arizona Forest Health Council. Billed as lessons learned in 2011 and community protection going forward, the forum was attended by officials and representatives from the above organizations as well as local and county officials from Apache, Navajo, Greenlee, and Graham counties and those from Payson, Prescott, Tucson, Ponderosa near Flagstaff, and agents with Farmers Insurance.

Hunt started the forum with information about the 2011 fire season and stated that Arizona is considered a wildfire state. Over 9,000 structures were threatened last year with 111 destroyed. There were 19 red flag days last year, which is wind speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour with gusts up to 60 miles per hour, low relative humidity and high fuel loads. Hunt went on to give those present the current predictions for the 2012 fire season, which has already started.

The National Fire potential map shows the states most at risk with Arizona (the only state in the country that is mostly covered in red) are western New Mexico, Utah and Colorado, a large portion of Florida and up the east coast to North Carolina, as well as parts of California and Nevada. More firefighters than civilians die in forest fires. The average number since 1990 to 2010 is about 10 civilians per year compared to 20 firefighters.

The largest loss of firefighters in the last 20 years was about 36 in 1994. Hunt reported that the funds for the 2012-2013 fiscal year for fuel reduction treatments has been cut by about 20 percent.

Other documents at the forum show that there are a total of 46 million homes that are in the potential line of fire in what is called the wildland-urban interface (WUI). The average number of structures lost in wildfires has increased rapidly since the 1990s.

The years 2003, 2007 and 2011 had the most structures lost across the country at 5,781, 4,900, and 5,850 respectively. Along with the rise in fires and structures lost are the costs associated with fighting fires, in direct correlation. The rest of the forum was spent on Community Wildfire Protection Plans, funding for plans, WUI fire codes, the Firewise USA program, and the Ready, Set, Go program.

All of these programs are efforts started by federal, state and local governments and local private communities to educate property owners on their responsibilities to make sure their property is fire safe. Most forest area fire departments and communities have one or more of the above programs and will help property owners assess their risks.

How to detoxify from the world

That includes, in some cases, funding to help with thinning treatments. Insurance companies are also working with clients.

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Copyright 2016, White Mountain Publishing LLC, Show Low, AZ. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content.We even got to see the Northern Lights too on our second attempt. Superb holiday - thank you so much.

We found the whole experience excellent. There was a lot of driving, yet stress free apart from a blizzard. Doing a circular tour of the country was so interesting, after the first day we thought it may be a case of "same as" but every day was different and enjoyable. We were lucky 3 nights with the "lights" and some beautiful sunny days wonderful sights and beautiful countryside.

We have not hesitated to tell others of our experience and now find some friends and family have now added it to their 'bucket list'. Hilmar made scheduling the trip very easy.

The emails were very prompt and once we arrived, we were able to continue adding activities at the last minute with no trouble. The buses to and from sites were very nice and the guides were all so enthusiastic and friendly. Iceland is beautiful in the winter. The staff and quality of the tour and accommodation made it an excellent experience of Iceland. Iris Angela did a wonderful job putting it together for us. We all have great memories of our trip.

Everything was truly wonderful. The trip was amazing from the very beginning. From our pick up at Keflavik to our departure home, the tours were all amazing. Signy did an amazing job, and the added champagne and chocolates when we arrive (we were there for our honeymoon) were just so sweet. This was only my second time out of the United States, the first gong to Indonesia where my sister-in-law lived and provided all guidance.

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Booking a trip like this was daunting for me but I was blessed to have Larus as my travel consultant. Larus always responded quickly to my questions and inquiries, and provided expert advice which were dead on accurate and helpful. With Larus I never felt I was doing this alone and felt informed.

I feel I need to credit Larus with a lot of the success of our trip. What Nordic Visitor provides travelers with is very impressive. It seems that a lot of homework is done to scout out fantastic places to stay and make reservations for. From the moment we found their Iceland Winter World itinerary, we were sold on the price and the tour. Looking at the package offerings, we discovered they had built an itinerary around nearly every major site we had wanted to see in Iceland, and had taken the guesswork out of lodging arrangements and tour bookings.

On top of their already great itinerary, Larus did an outstanding job of creating enough flex in the schedule to allow us to do some additional day trips.

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